Here are two images - the first from 2005 and the second from 2016. 

The current Planning Law (Kiama LEP) apparently allows construction of an unlimited number of rural buildings, as long as each building is under 200 square metres.  In 2005 the total area of buildings on this property was under 100 square metres. In 2016 the calculated roof area of the main "complex" of buildings was approximately 700 square metres and the total area for all buildings significantly over 1000 square metres. Since 2016 the large building (top right) has been further enlarged and this "complex" now covers an area estimated to be over two thousand (2000) square metres - keeping in mind that "farm sheds" do not require Council approval provided they are less than 200 square metres! Save Rose Valley has been asking Council about this "development" since February 2018 but is yet (July 2018) to receive a reply. Also note that such buildings must not be within 50 metres of a watercourse - what do you think?

These building measurements do not include the abattoir which is currently being considered by Kiama Council.