Is Rose Valley the right place for an abattoir?

In December 2016, Kiama Council changed the local planning law (LEP) such that an installation that was not permitted ANYWHERE in the Municipality, became an "additional permitted use". This change in the LEP provides absolutely no benefit to the community. A DA has now been submitted for an abattoir in Rose Valley. 

A NSW Government Department, the Soil Conservation Service, has reviewed this DA and advised that the development is a "Designated Development" and therefore requires an Environmental Impact Statement  - this has not yet been provided. Government regulations state that an application for a "Designated Development" must not be considered by Kiama Council until an EIS is provided. Despite this, Page 23 of the DA states:

"the development is not considered to be “designated development” and it may be processed by Council as “local development”."

A careful review and analysis of the DA documents reveals the following issues:

  • Despite assurances from Council, there is nothing in the DA about environmental monitoring or procedures and systems to ensure compliance with the LEP.
  • The abattoir building has been moved away from the existing buildings, contravening the DCP.
  • The area for sewage disposal has been moved for the fourth time.
  • The proposed hours are 6am to 6pm, seven days a week.

If this DA is approved by Council, no monitoring of any sort will be required. This facility will be able to operate 12 hours per day 365 days per year and could therefore process the annual limit specified in the LEP (120 cattle) in 10 days.

The community will be presented with a 5.8-metre-high, 100 square metre industrial building, standing alone in a paddock requiring its’ own access road, pumping effluent from a totally inadequate and inapproriate treatment plant, onto soil which is so unsuitable that the effluent will immediately flow into the adjacent watercourse and then into Werri Lagoon. 

If you believe Rose Valley is NOT an appropriate place for an abattoir please ring or email Councillors whose contact details are on the link below and

let Kiama Councillors know how you feel.