The impact of a nearby abattoir on Werri Lagoon would add significant stress to a waterway which has already been identified as vulnerable.

Quote from Kiama Council " Werri Lagoon Interim Entrance Management Policy 2005"

Page 7

"identifying and controlling the source of any pollutants entering the lagoon and understanding their impact on the lagoon's ecology is important to the protection of the aquatic ecosystem in the lagoon."


"contaminants entering the lagoon from the catchment during rainfall events could be expected to impact upon water quality in the lagoon far more than systems with larger waterway areas, underlining the importance of adequate source control within the catchment."

Endangered Ecological Communities

The  Natural Vegetation in the Municipality of Kiama – a report prepared for Kiama Council in 2006 identifies three Endangered Ecological Communities associated with Werri Lagoon.

They are specifically: 

(a) Coastal Saltmarsh - 7.5 Saltwater Juncus Rushland (JUN-SAL)

(b) Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest - 4.2 Swamp Oak Forest (CAS-GLA) 

(c) Phragmites Reedland – 7.3 Phragmites Australis (PHR-RDL)

These EEC’s are listed in the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995

Conclusion – Werri Lagoon and its’ surroundings have special significance and need protection. Any development which adds to the pollutants entering the ecosystem should not be allowed