The 2015 Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan


Particularly consider the following "Goal" from the plan in the context of allowing an abattoir and associated Sewage Treatment and Effluent Disposal system to be constructed in Rose Valley.


"GOAL 5 – A region that protects and enhances the natural environment"


"Systems that are particularly susceptible to the impacts of land use development are identified as sensitive estuaries. A higher level of management intervention is needed to protect, maintain and/or restore the water quality and ecological condition of these sensitive estuaries."



"...more than half of the 46 estuaries in the region have been identified as sensitive..."(including Werri Lagoon) " they met characteristics associated with flushing, dilution capacity and retention of runoff. Typically, the most sensitive estuaries are shallow, poorly flushed and from poorly diluted creeks, lakes and lagoons."



"The NSW Government will: • apply a risk-based decision-making framework for all coastal lakes and estuaries. In the medium term, priority will be given to sensitive estuaries, which are susceptible to the impacts of land use developments.." (Includes Werri Lagoon).



Have a look at the Regional Plan (link below) and see if you agree that an abattoir in Rose Valley helps achieve the goals of the plan

Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan 2015

You can download the complete plan here