In December 2015 Kiama Council gave its support to a Planning Proposal in complete contravention of its' own LEP As a result of this support the Planning Proposal has been approved by the State Government  and Kiama Council has now been directed to implement the proposal. This will lead to a Land Use change for a rural property enabling that property to put a Development Application to Council for the construction of an abattoir.

See the Council debate on this issue on the "Council Meeting 2015" link above

Such a facility is in absolute contravention of the Kiama LEP (Local Environment Plan) in which a "livestock processing industry" (abattoir) is specifically excluded.

The planning precedent created will "open the floodgates" to totally inappropriate developments throughout the Municipality. 


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Help ensure that Kiama Council respects and upholds the Kiama LEP

The paddock on the left in this photo is near where the proposed abattoir is located. After heavy rain this floodwater feeds into Werri Lagoon